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The Bliss of Communication

Communication can be bliss. We fulfill our needs through communicating with others, and it helps if our way of communicating with others is aligned with our needs, values and aspirations. However, too often we do not pay much attention to communication. We might see that something is not working on the job or in a […]

Brighten the World

When you follow your needs, values and aspirations you can actually brighten the world. Many people search on how to go about it, but it actually is quite simple in theory. You do what truly feels best on a deeper level. In practice, fears and doubts may seem to stand in the way, but they […]

Finding Fulfillment

Fulfillment is a state in which one feels fulfilled. It can be a state of bliss or more quiet contentment. But it also quite literally means that one is ‘full’ of something positive and meaningful. When one feels fulfilled, one usually does not feel empty. It is a state people thrive, although one is never […]


Anxiety is where there is uncertainty and one cannot tolerate it. Many areas in life contain uncertainty, but whether you feel anxious depends entirely on psychological factors. The evolutionary reasons for anxiety were to make us more vigilant and alert. But anxiety can become chronic, and then it actually lowers your ability to respond to […]

Happiness Nonetheless

We may find ourselves in situations where we wonder how it is possible to still feel happiness. Now, it is important to understand that any unhappiness can also be an important signal that we need to change something. However, once we have acknowledged the signal, and whether we can change our current situation or not, […]

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder (4)

Therapy of Social Anxiety Disorder Christian Jonathan Haverkampf, M.D. Social anxiety disorder can significantly reduce an individual’s choices in life and the quality of life overall. Since communication is the process by which humans fulfil their needs, values and aspirations, its effectiveness is important for satisfaction, contentment and happiness in life. It is the main […]